Also referred to as strip surgery, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a popular method. It is well-known for minimizing trauma to the scalp for delivering natural-looking results. However, it is undeniable that FUT is more surgical than FUE. But, it can cover a larger area of the scalp to implant hairs which is its maximum advantage. Here are ten proven ways to improve FUT results with preparation before and after surgery.

Ten Ways to Improve your FUT Hair Transplant

1. Avoid blood thinners

FUT hair transplantation involves the removal of the skin strips to extract donor grafts for implantation. So, avoiding using any blood-thinning medicines before the procedure is better. It would evade the risk of excess bleeding during transplantation.

2. Stop taking alcohol

It would help if you stopped drinking alcoholic beverages from FUT hair implants at least a week ago. Alcohol can also work as a blood thinner, thus can increase the risk of bleeding.

3. FUT covers a large area

FUT treatment for hair loss can meet your needs to get maximum coverage for a bald scalp. It works to cut the skin to attain follicle grafts for implantation. Therefore, a surgeon can fetch top grafts to implant in a single session.

4. It resists hair-plugging looks

FUT results appear natural because donor hairs will be prepared for follicles grouping by expert clinical staff. Thus, they will be placed into the bald scalps in groups. Hence, the implanted grafts can grow in their natural form.

5. No additional scarring

Follicular Unit Transplantation does not involve additional scarring on the scalp. Hairs will be removed from the strip from the donor region of the scalp. There will be no sectioning of hairs to receive donor grafts.

6. Scarring is imperceptible

FUT holds the risk of linear scarring on the back of the scalp. It will hide under the hairs and will be merely visible under wet coats. But, the scar can fade over time to become faint. Also, you can get scar camouflage after FUT to attain more natural results.

7. Time beneficial

FUT hair transplantation is less time-consuming than other procedures. It can allow the surgeon to fetch donor hairs in a single go through the strip of skin. There will be no individual extraction of follicles, so FUT takes less time to complete.

8. FUT is cheaper

Not to mention! FUT is a cheaper hair restoration option than FUE. The reason is that it can be used without additional tools to help with individual harvesting of grafts. Also, solutions are not needed to preserve grafts for survival. In FUT, hairs will be extracted in groups of follicles and can be implanted directly into the scalp.

9. Schedule follow-ups

Once the procedure is over, you will get stitches on the scalp. You should take medicine as the surgeon prescribes to lower pain and swelling. Schedule a follow-up with the surgeon to get the implanted grafts inspected.

10. Return to normal

Swelling and pain will disappear in a week, and you can resume normal activities.

To sum up

These are helpful tips and ways to acknowledge the best FUT results. This is an intuitive hair restoration treatment that is worthwhile. You can see modest growth of hairs with maximum coverage to say goodbye to baldness permanently after the FUT procedure takes 8 to 12 months for newly implanted hairs to grow. FUT is a good option if your goal is to cover larger baldness.